• 24/05/2024 Juan Carmona in Fès at Festival de Fès des musiques Sacrées du Monde


New range of guitar “Juan Carmona” made in collaboration with Larson

modèles de gauche à droite : Crayisa, Erachi et Tasarda

models from left to right : Crayisa, Erachi et Tasarda

“With more than 30 years experience, I am just like the other guitarists always seeking the ideal guitare. This is why in collaboration with Larson, I design a new guitar in order to combine all essential quality of toque Flamenco : power, brighteness, sound balance, practical, aesthetic.
I will personally try out all of the guitars and autograph them.” ~ Juan Carmona

Juan Carmona and Remy Larson

Juan Carmona and Remy Larson