• 07/08/2024 Juan Carmona in Sausset Les Pins at Mairie de Sausset Les Pins

Chaâbi Flamenco

Marseille Babel Med Music Festival
France, 2017

Okarina Festival
Slovenia, 2017



Festival Alegria (Morocco)

Festival Nomades (France)

Babel Med Music (France)

Okarina Festival (Slovenia)


Scène Nationale de Châteauvallon (France)

NYUAD Red Theaters (United Arab Emirates)

Le Hangar (France)

Free and without borders!

When a maestro of flamenco guitar meets a star of Algiers mandola and chaâbi, the musical dialogue that takes place forms a new Arabo- Andalusian bridge to reach the peaks of virtuosity.

A musician, recognized by the challenging flamenco puro world and by the international world music, Juan Carmona loves to walk his duende on exclusive sounds territories.

Artistic director of the El Gusto project and fellow traveler of Gnawa Diffusion and Karim Ziad, the mandolist Ptit Moh creates in his conversation with Juan Carmona a common language of an infinite richness.

The two outstanding instrumentalists have in common the will to browse and add to their performance diverse world music and jazz aesthetics… without denying their roots and their attachment to traditional music.

A chaâbi flamenco of dazzling musicality and feeling under the alert fingers of two exceptional Mediterranean artists.